Thursday, March 22, 2012

When it rains, it pours

We've been taking steps to get things in order to get a mortgage, but wouldn't you know, Murphy has been around to screw things up for us lately. Between my car, my wife's car, taxes and pending surgery, I'm stretched pretty thin. If only my body reflected that, ha, badum ba, rimshot.

 Anywho, on the Dad front, we will have to be making a decision fairly soon as to his future. My sister and I have been making daily treks to where he lives (with his gf) while my brother occasionally drives down to take him to a dr appointment. That being said, he doesn't always see Dad or how he interacts with his environment. My sister and I are the ones that really know what's going on.

This afternoon was not a good day for him. We are going to have to talk it over and see if a combination of home nurse care and my wife and I living in the basement at his house is feasible, or if assisted living is the way to go. It's a hard decision because Dad doesn't like to be idle at all. He's always got something that needs building or fixing or mending or mowing or what have you. He's not the computer or tv type either.

 While assisted living offers him more companionship and attention than he is getting right now, it doesn't offer him the ability to tinker around with stuff in his garage. It's a rough decision, but one we are going to have to make soon. I just wanted to let the world know I'm still alive. I love spring and the new possibilities.